Apologies and Handmade Shoes

You see, I went through this thing called "hell week". Though I'm not going to describe it to you, you can probably fathom brutality at its finest. But now it's time to bring things to whole new level, whatever that means. It could perhaps entail climbing a seemingly large tree, or doing a backflip in ocean water. What? I don't know. I guess I'm trying to bring some humor into something that's probably deemed awkward. This is an odd way of saying, I apologize. I'm not so used to being a hermet in my room with solely books around me; I am usually doing leg spasms or dancing with them yummy headphones. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, and again, I am oh so sorry. Can we be friends again?

Yeah, let's do it. I do have other friends, you know, other than Mr. Spectacles. But in any case, back to the premise of this post, since it should be titled "Handmade Shoes: Volume II". Let the title speak for itself, for I've done this enjoyable DIY thing before (some sources if you don't believe me: swirls, crown, bow, wedges, bag, yadah yadah. It's fun, I tell you, so fun. The outfit comprises of a Fun 2 Fun top, a Michael Kors bag, Gucci sunglasses, and a Jen's Pirate Booty dress, which I've transformed into an asymmetrical skirt (I guess that's another DIY thing since my hands still hurt; wehoo so fun). 

So this is where things started to get weird. If you ask me what I was thinking at this moment, I would tell you, I wish I knew. Some things are inexplicable, and the obscurity just never goes away. But wait. Watch me pop my leg while we're at it, and then you might want to reconsider being my friend:

Awkward. But more on the shoes: I simply added strings to Aldo pumps. Plain and simple, really.

Photos via Erica Cohenmehr.