So Sydney, So Pleased

It's that time again, when birds chirp chirps of merriment, and when eagles fly sky high. Let's just say the only thing that matters right now is Fashion Week Australia, and hell I'm pleased. I've gone to La La Land before, and have embraced a good old Tommy Ton Comeback, but nothing says fashion week like kangaroos and safari jackets. Vibers wear things of extravagance, and wait for Mr. Ton to clickety-click, and capture very sweet moments. I can hear Tommy doing it right now, in fact, as fashion week has not come to a close yet. That's right folks, you get to enjoy the ride for a few more days. In any case, let's begin with the first photo, because it's more significant than any other: I've done great things in my life, but nothing has beat the thrill of bike riding on a poopy dock, just yet. This viber got to experience just that, bike riding while wearing spiffy clothes and all. She would tell you that it's liberating, and that she feels like she runs the world, too. I'm telling you, it's all so promising. Now, note the second and third photo (that's right, count the dots). It became evident this Fall that the jock trend has made it's way back: Designers like Rag & Bone and Moschino Cheap & Chic presented it. So why not wear it to one of the only places that matter? If you regard the fourth photo, the left viber is whipped out in Camilla and Marc, and the one to the left is diggin' the sporty trend. Ah, what a world.

Also, Mickey Mouse will always do you good. Stay tuned for some runway coverage.