A Satisfactory Dose of Bliss

Say, why don't you and I take a trip together? What if I told you we can ride kangaroos and stuff; would you come with me? Or maybe not ride them (a blatant thought misunderstanding), but sit in their little pockets and hoppety-hop with them. I'm tempted already. I'm also tempted to explore more of fashion week, since designers like Ellery have proven that prints not on steroids actually exist, though I do prefer prints with roid rage. There is more that meets the eye, like heart palipitations, for instance.

Before you are photos presented by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. I'm giving you a small dose of it, but I did assure you that I would provide you with juicy coverage. So now I'm giving you a large load of fun. In any case, the looks above you are from Bec & Bridge. No, the show wasn't in all white, but seemingly, that's the way Mr. Mercedes-Benz liked to capture the moments. In general, Bec & Bridge did wonders with sheer garments and blue floral prints. So delightful, and must I tell you, the scenery was quite reminiscent of Altuzarra's Spring 2012 RTW runway. Me love me some reminiscence.

I know, this is a lot of white, but Bowie wasn't all white either. There were some nude and grey accents here and there. But you see, my favorite look from Bowie had to be the look all the way to the right. Now, Mr. Mercedes-Benz's camera didn't capture all the details of it, so here. Halt, one more thing: Heavely regard the nude shoes in the front. Nuff' said. Before I say au revoir, I would like to present you with a look from Zimmermann. Though I will be providing more from Zimmermann's collection, this is just a shot that, well, has my heart, my soul, and my very inclination to start walking around like this:

Now it's au revoir, just for a little while though. Muhaha.